Sunday, April 26, 2015

FPV begins

I hear that once you learn to fly with "first person video" (FPV) it's hard to go back. This weekend hasn't been great weather so new, more powerful motors were fitted and also a 200mW transmitter and camera was added.

The little camera and transmitter is great and runs on a power rail from 5-28V so very easy to hook up - I just ran the tiny wires to spare contacts under the main power distribution board. What could possibly go wrong?

There was a break in the rain so I headed for the local football field.

I took off, hovered (fighting the wind), and landed watching only via the headset video. Scary but seemed ok. A second flight didn't go so well, a propellor came off and the craft landed heavily and then appeared to catch on fire! Seems like the wiring for the camera power had shorted and was burning the carbon fibre frame.

Great fun.

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