Friday, June 5, 2015

Re-built 250 with power base board super stable

Until now my construction has relied on sticky velcro to hold things down. This included the power distribution board and controller. This week "past Peter" kindly sent me a power distribution base plate and I've done a full re-build and also mounted the controller properly on standoffs.

And here's my first (well second, I rushed in to get Phillipa to film this after all looked good).

I have an unfortunate habit of catching the little cell cable in the props. The controller is a Flip32 and I'm running Cleanflight. This is an example of "dad flying" as Andrew calls it.

Took it to the park for a fly in more space. Unfortunately this ends with a rather hard landing and it seems that an ESC has died as a result.

When up high you can see both Sydney city and Chatswood in the distance.

Yes the ESC (electronic speed controller) started smoking and had to be replaced.

Here I take a look at the roof - I told you these things were useful!


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